February 21, 2011

Japanese Garden update

It's not much of an update but still I feel the need to share it.   I need to stitch faster if I am going to have any chance of having it finished before Chinese starts in April.  



Ingrid said...

it looks great, I love your fabric ..... the colors are so beautiful!

Yany said...

Great work Sierra, love this design!!!

wendy111 said...

I love your choice of fabric, the stitching really stands out. Have to get those needles flying, but Chinese Mandala is just too gorgeous to resist

Wendy said...

This is beautiful!

Joysze said...

It's looking great, Sierra. Every little update is a cause for celebration!!! :D

You know.... you could always rotate between the 2. ;) (Says the person who doesn't like to rotate. LOL!)

Isadarena said...

Your update looks great and I also think that a progress is always a great moment :-)
I bleive you won't be able to resist to Chinese Mandala lie I haven't finished my JG yet !!!
Happy stitching,

heather said...

Looking good! Every little bit counts. :) My goal is to get the Peacock Mandala half done before the Chinese Mandala starts.

ridgeback_rose said...

Every stitch counts! Well, as new starts are so exciting, go for the Chinese Manadala as well!

jcat0629 said...

Sierra this is stunning! one of my faves! your fabric is perfect for it too.

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