August 31, 2011

Watergarden WIP - first posting

Hi ladies!!  I finally have a progress picture to share with you on my first Chatelaine!  I so enjoy looking at all your beautiful pictures!

August 29, 2011

Gill's Japanese Garden

Gill is having trouble uploading pictures to here. :( How gorgeous is her Japanese Garden?? :D

August 27, 2011

Winter Watergarden

Here's part 8 of Winter Watergarden.  I ran out of beads for the gates, but Cindy at ECS is taking care of that for me.  Not too bad since I picked this back up after the first of August with part 7!

August 26, 2011

Queen's farmhouse

I stich slowly my Queen's farmouse. It's quite difficult with the backstitches. I stitch both with the chart on a paper and with my pc to see the black lines.

August 24, 2011

First gate

I just finished beading the north gate or Winter Watergarden. So pretty!

Here is my IHSW

I participated in International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this weekend with my Desert Garden Mandala. It's looking lovely, if I do say so myself.

I'm going to add three piccys here. One is a shot of the birds panel. It has a roadrunner and a little blue bird. Then a piccy of the whole piece so far. I just love the way it looks!!! And then a piccy of the little bit of part eight I accomplished.

I only got a couple of hundred stitches in it, if that much. But I finished up my goal for it on this rotation, which was finish part seven and start part eight. Whoo hoo me!!! (That's two goals in a row. And going for three, lol.)

I have no clue where blogger will put the piccys, nor in what order they'll be. (They're being extremely difficult. I want them to be on the left, with text on the right, but the text refuses to fill in the spaces that are empty. Grrrrrr.... Stupid blogger. I HATE ADDING PICCYS TO A POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Rant over. Returning you to regular programing now.

Oh, and one last thing. That little black section in part eight is not done. Also, it is not going to be a Scotty dog. I think it looks remarkably like one, but that's just where I ran out of floss.

August 23, 2011

Winter Watergarden

Part 7.  Gates next!!

August 16, 2011

Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I have two pictures.  First the corner ornament that I finished up-

The next corner ornament that I worked on. I got all the cross stitching done on this one. Next time I will do the specialty stitches.

I will be out of town the next two weeks. Going to my hometown to help pack up my nana and pap's house.

August 15, 2011

Chinese Garden Mandala - Pt. 5

Finally, Part 5 (South Moongate) is done! :) Running a little late this month cos of some obligation stitching.

August 13, 2011

Hummingbird Sparkly Garden

Hello Everyone!!  I am ecstatic that I was invited to join Chatelaine Stitchers by Joyce!  I am Lissane and have just started stitching again this year after about a fifteen year break.  I found the Chatelaine Forum and I am now totally addicted to Chatelaines.  So far I have only finished Mini Mystery 1.  Right now I am stitching on Chinese Garden and Hummingbird Sparkly Garden.   The Chinese Garden, stitched on 32 ct Antique White Joblean, was started late so I hope to be caught up soon.  My Hummingbird is close to being finished with stitching and it is stitched on PTP 28 ct French Lilac Lugana.  I have plans to stitch other Chats, as I have several calling my name in the wings.  My next start is going to be Herbularius, still waiting for the kit.

Hummingbird Sparkly Garden

Chinese Garden

Mini Mystery 1

August 12, 2011

Japanese Garden...almost done!

Well, I haven't posted in awhile...I've been busy working on a Christmas stocking because we are having another baby in December (just found out on Tuesday that this one will be a girl!). I really missed my Chatelaines, though, so I've been working on Japanese Garden again since it's the closest to being finished. The picture quality isn't great, but it's getting close now!


August 11, 2011

Konstantinople Part 9

Just wanted to share my latest on Konstant. I can't believe only 3 more parts !:)

August 9, 2011

She's done!

I put the final beads on about 11pm last night. Ignore the crystals that are missing from one gate - I've added them now but didn't notice until after I uploaded the pic from my camera. This one is soooo sparkly in real life!

Japanese Garden, here I come!

August 6, 2011

Chinese Dragon Gate start

I don't even have my fibers and beads yet from ECC, but I just had to start Chinese Dragon Gate.  I'm stitching it on 28 count navy Jubilee, which I understand is no longer available (luckily I had a yard in my stash).  I pulled the DMC, and here's my start...

August 1, 2011

Working on Desert Landscapes part 2

I've started working on part 2, trying to stitch all sides of each color before moving on to the next color. I love the soft hues of this part.

The Queen's farmhouse


I begin to stitch the Queen's farmouse after Versailles' castle. It's long to stich beacause of so many colors. The backstitches are quite difficult to read on the chart.
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