December 2, 2012

What have I done

Sometimes you ask yourself, what have I done? Where did the time go?

 Here in the Netherlands we have a tradition called Sinterklaas which is celebrated to around the 5th of december. Kids believe there is coming a holy man from Spain to bring them a lot of presents. So you see the last weeks I had to do a lot of shopping to buy gifts for both my daugthers although my elder daughter is a little bit doubtful about the whole story. Its a bit like Christmas which we also celebrate here in the Netherlands, but less grand than in other countries.

But  between all this shopping and preparing I still occasionally found the time to stitch and I wanted to let you see my progress.

The Mini Mandala Mystery consists of three parts and I know finished two of them. I also have al little progress with the Taj Mahal Garden.

I received almost al the materials for the Evening in the Park and the Hummingbird Mandala. I'm one of those who like to have a lot of WIP in their hands. So I think I will start with at least one of them this week also and maybe with both of them. I will keep you informed.

Here are some pictures.

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

The Taj Mahal Garden

November 30, 2012

Border finished- Japanese Garden

I bet you thought I forgot about this blog, or Japanese Garden.   I slowed down when stitching the border as it got tedious and all those Jessica stitches.  I am very pleased with how it looks, though I do have a few jessica's too frog and redo.

Anyways here it is


November 27, 2012


Helle I am new here, my name is Joze I am 64 years old and live in the east part of the Netherlands. I love the Chatelaine designs and have finished my White Nights of St. Petersburg.
The centre
It is difficult with my camera for the colors, I have used a Zweigart dark blue-grey.
Some details
This are the good colors and he is ready.
And in a frame on the wall in the livingroom.
I have also the Alpine ready, I will show the photo's next time, now I work ont the Holland Mandala - the German Ostsee - the Vienna - the Frosty Knotgarden end the Spring Knotgarden. I like it to have a lot of work in my hands.
Have a nice day, kind regards Joze 

November 9, 2012

I did it!

A few days ago I told that I was a bit nervous because I could start with stitching up some beads.
But after getting some advise from Joze I did it and I have to say I love it.

Stitching Châtelaine's is so addictive that I already ordered the materials to start with the Hummingbird Mandela, the workshop 01 en 04 en maybe The Evening in the Park.

I hope to get the materials in a week or to because most of it has to come from the US or Canada.

I'll keep you informed. Till next time.


The Taj Mahal Mandala

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

November 5, 2012

Japanese Garden Update

Other WIP photos can bee seen HERE.
Stitched by Meari

October 31, 2012

Hello again

Hello again,

I did some stitching the last few days, not much because it was very busy. But I promised to share my progress at a regular base, so I try to do so. I can start with the beads in the Taj Mahal, they will be my first so I am a bit nervous. But we will give it a try and if necessary I have an acquaintance who will help me if needed.

See you soon,

(The picture's of the Mystery are not great, but I took them at night, sorry)

The Taj Mahal so far

The Mini Mandal Mystery 03

October 25, 2012

Greetings from the Netherlands

Hello everyone,

I''ve just become a member of your beautiful blog. My name is Linda Knowles, I''m from the Netherlands, 43 years old, married and two daugthers in the age of 9 and 6.
I''ve been stitching for many years now, but I just recently discovered the beautiful Châtelaine's.
Some time ago I started the Taj Mahal Mandala Garden and a few days ago I also started with the Mini Mandala Mystery 03. On stock I have a few more.
The Taj Mahal Mandala Garden so far

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

And my progress after some stitching today
I will try to inform you on a regular base of my progress with all my work.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

October 22, 2012

Hi everyone
I have just found this wonderful blog! My name is Elaine, I am originally from Scotland, but now live on the River Thames about 20 miles West of London, England.  My main hobby is Patchwork & Quilting, but I also love to stitch, especially Chatelaine's ! I have just started Swan Lake and am about 1/5 th of the way through Holland SpringTime, I also have Marie Antoinette kitted.

Looking Forward to watching all of your progress on these lovely designs.

Elaine, Surrey UK

October 15, 2012

Butterfly Garden Mandala

Well, how remiss of me!!! I have not posted anything on Butterfly Garden Mandala at all? How can this be???

I just finished the 3rd butterfly last weekend, which makes only 9 to go. LOL!!!

October 14, 2012

Medieval cloister herbularius

I 'll finish my herbularius in a few days. I am stitching beads
And now, I think I'll wash my herbularius but I am a little frightened with the silk threads specially with Caron threads. What do you think?

October 12, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

Here's part 6.

Hello from new member and questions!

Hi!  My name is Kelly, and since I just joined this lovely forum, I wanted to say hello.  I just discovered Chatelaine designs last week, and I'm completely in love... I ordered the Swan Lake pattern as my first, and I'm so excited!

I had a couple of questions as I start out:
-What do you usually use to keep your fabric taut?  33x33" seems too big for stretchers, and I'm concerned that hoops or q-snaps might hurt my stitches if I clamp them.
-Have you found a big difference in silks vs. DMC?  I'm planning to buy the silk threads if they have special variegated colors, but if they are solid colors that have a good matching DMC, is there really a difference?
-I also saw this Chatelaine consolation prize picture posted on this forum, and I'm totally in love with the pattern.  I honestly think it's the most beautiful cross-stitch I've ever seen (even more so than Swan Lake or the big Mandalas), and I'm dying to stitch it.  I know Martina doesn't sell the Consolation Prizes (this was the Easter raffle of 2011), so I'm wondering if anyone can help me get a pattern for it?  I believe we're allowed to sell old Chatelaine patterns if we don't keep the original.  I would so love this pattern!

Thanks very much,

September 30, 2012

Another Japanese Garden Update

September 24, 2012

Meari's Japanese Garden Update

I pulled out JG last week and worked on it.  I've finished the top blue border and am working on the gold parts of the border right now.  Here's what it looks like:

Other WIP photos can be seen HERE.
Stitched by Meari

August 23, 2012


Soon, my holidays in Normandy end. I just stop my Herbularius because I have not enough threads. A friend of mine will give some. It's beautiful but long to stitch.

July 29, 2012

Spring Fairy, Part 5

A couple of closeups of Part 5, then the whole design again - just one more part to go now!!!

Closeup of the bottom border (one corner)
Closeup of the flowers
Entire design so far
Thanks for looking!

July 23, 2012

Meari's Japanese Garden 7/23/12

Here's what it looked like before:

Here's what it looks like now:

Other WIP photos can be seen HERE.

July 17, 2012

Spring Fairy, parts 3 and 4

Finally, progress to share on Spring Fairy!  Here are closeups of part 3 (ornaments), part 4 (medallion), and then the entire design so far.

July 9, 2012

Meari's Japanese Garden 7/9/12

Japanese Garden was pulled out of hiding.  I worked almost all of the specialty stitches in the upper right corner ornament... 35+ queen stitches, 3 rhodes stitches, 11 sets of satin stitches, and lots of straight stitches for pine needles.  I'm excited that I'll be done with this corner soon.  Woo Hoo!
Here's what it looked like before:
and now:
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