November 30, 2012

Border finished- Japanese Garden

I bet you thought I forgot about this blog, or Japanese Garden.   I slowed down when stitching the border as it got tedious and all those Jessica stitches.  I am very pleased with how it looks, though I do have a few jessica's too frog and redo.

Anyways here it is


November 27, 2012


Helle I am new here, my name is Joze I am 64 years old and live in the east part of the Netherlands. I love the Chatelaine designs and have finished my White Nights of St. Petersburg.
The centre
It is difficult with my camera for the colors, I have used a Zweigart dark blue-grey.
Some details
This are the good colors and he is ready.
And in a frame on the wall in the livingroom.
I have also the Alpine ready, I will show the photo's next time, now I work ont the Holland Mandala - the German Ostsee - the Vienna - the Frosty Knotgarden end the Spring Knotgarden. I like it to have a lot of work in my hands.
Have a nice day, kind regards Joze 

November 9, 2012

I did it!

A few days ago I told that I was a bit nervous because I could start with stitching up some beads.
But after getting some advise from Joze I did it and I have to say I love it.

Stitching Châtelaine's is so addictive that I already ordered the materials to start with the Hummingbird Mandela, the workshop 01 en 04 en maybe The Evening in the Park.

I hope to get the materials in a week or to because most of it has to come from the US or Canada.

I'll keep you informed. Till next time.


The Taj Mahal Mandala

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

November 5, 2012

Japanese Garden Update

Other WIP photos can bee seen HERE.
Stitched by Meari
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