May 24, 2012

Pompejian Garden update

This is where I have gotten to over the last few weeks.  I will pick up a needle again soon, but in the throws of packing ready to move homes.

May 18, 2012


I stitch again my Herbularius. It'always so beautiful! I have not enough of some silk threads for I give half of it to a friend. So, I'll stitch with some dmc instead of that silk.
Have a good weel end. Near Paris, it's quite cold and windy for spring

May 16, 2012

Deep Blue Sea part 5

May 12, 2012

Sleeping Beauty's Castle as of 12.05.12

I've spent my last 10 stitching hours working on Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  I'm still working on the cross stitching on part 1 but have started using some of the recommended silks.  I've never sewn with silks before so didn't really know what to expect but I absolutely love them - they glide through the fabric so easily and I love love love them.  I keep telling myself not to get too used to sewing with them as I can't afford to switch all my projects to silk - plus I've got hundreds of skeins of DMC and Anchor that need using up!

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