July 18, 2014

Let the beading begin- Japanese Garden

The first two weeks of July I worked on beading Japanese Garden. That was for my open week, then my normal JG week. 
Let me just say, I love beading! What fun. WOW do the beads really make it just POP.  
I am grateful to the chatelaine Facebook groups who helped me get my supplies. I made a tacky bob, which works great. I also got a tip to this bead nabber. Can I just say, best invention ever? I was quite worried about picking the beads up, as my hands shake all the time. I had images of beads everywhere but my handy bead nabber really worked great.  I only lost a few beads and I was able to find them before they got away. 
I have hopes to get this done my my birthday- October 14. I think it's a very realistic goal. I can't believe after over 5 years, I'm nearly there. 
DSCN3235 DSCN3233 DSCN3232 DSCN3231


July 16, 2014

Flower Panels - Cattleya

I am almost finished with this, I needed some invisible thread which is currently working it's way to me.  But I was too excited to wait and I placed the crystal instead.  Please excuse the wrinkles as I haven't ironed it yet.  There are more pictures on my blog.

Thanks for looking!  


July 14, 2014

Nymph Garden

Finally I started the Nymph Garden mandala, Mystery XVII.

July 13, 2014

Slow progress!

Not a lot of progress this month.  I've managed to stitch a little more down the right side of the square... but clearly not concentrating very well because I've stitched the little over-one fish two threads further down than charted. 

 photo IMG_20140713_092556_zps32b6e0fd.jpg

And the four turquoise ...shells?  wheels?  Yup, managed to miscount the other side of the temple and stitched five instead of four.   You'd think with the light evenings I'd be able to make a better job of following a chart :( 

Some serious frogging to do before I go any further.  Hey ho.  Good job I liked this fish. 

July 8, 2014

Intro and Progress on Zen Moss Garden

Hello All!

Marvin here...I'm a grad student on the East coast, enjoy cross stitch immensely. This chatelaine was one of my first projects and I continue to work on it. It might have been a little difficult as a beginner project, but it is so beautiful!

So here's where I'm at so far:

I've really enjoyed looking at everyone else's beautiful work....such amazing designs and stitching!

Thanks for looking!

July 6, 2014

Secret Victorian Garden Update

With the start of summer weather,  I was afraid my summer stitching slump would hit, but so far, so good.  Secret Victorian Garden was on the frame this week and I am happy with the progress that I made.  When I put it away last, it was here:

and now, it is here:

Still a lot of stitching and beading left, but a finish by the end of this year seems to be a real possibility. Running to hide from the bad stitching karma that is surely headed my way for saying that!!

July 2, 2014

Autumn Knotgarden

Autumn Knotgarden finally finished.
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