November 13, 2019

Hawaii, part 2

Last night, I finally finished part 2 of Hawaii.  I still need to decide on what color to backstitch the tops of the pineapple but that can wait until the next time I pull it out.  I'm thinking of maybe PTB in a dark blue/green color.

November 1, 2019


Hi all!

I've had Hawaii out this week making slow progress on one side of part 2.  But I am making progress.

My goal is to have part 2 done this year.

February 7, 2019

2 in 1...

I mixed together Deep Blue Sea & Octopus Treacure Cave

December 30, 2018

About time I did an update - Evening in the Park

It has been so long since I updated on the site and as we are almost into the New Year of 2019 now seemed as good a time than any for an update.

This is my first and only Chatelaine - Evening in the Park

May 1, 2018


Over the weekend, I finally finished part 1 of Hawaiian Mandala.  Hoping to start the pineapples tonight.

Stitched on 28ct monaco with NPI converted to DMC and the remaining silks converted to HDF silks.

February 7, 2018

Some Works In Progress

A long overdue post from me!  It's been a few years since I posted here, but I thought it was about time that I updated you all on my progress on my Chatelaines!

First up is Celtic Maze:

Next up is Dee[ Blue Sea Mandala.  I don't have a photo of the whole thing because it is still on the scroll rods, but I have a few pictures of the different parts.

Part 5

Part 6

Part of Part 8

And Lastly, I have Medieval Town Mandala:

I hope you enjoyed looking at my progress photos!  I am currently working on MTM and am enjoying it very much, so we will see how much I can get stitched before one of the others calls to me for some stitching time. :)


October 19, 2017

New to Chatelaine blog site!

First ever Chatelaine - Evening in the park

Hello all,

I am so pleased to have found your site and am inspired by all your lovely work - so much so, that I decided I would give one a go (very scary as never done specialty stitches before).

I have to admit I have totally fell in love with it - So wanted to share my progress with you all.

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