September 21, 2014

Art Nouveau Sampler

I've been stitching Art Nouveau again for the last week.  Here's my update

September 17, 2014


Here is my progress on my Hummingbird Tile.

Thank you for looking, Kristin

September 10, 2014

Little by little!

I swear this goddess is doing a shoulder shrug at me!
 photo IMG_20140831_115621_zpsb29f7065.jpg

"Yes, I know you don't want to have to backstitch me for the 8th time, but..."  (shrug).

"Yes, I know you want to get on with stitching the border but...." (shrug).

This final temple seems to be taking me a long time to get through, but I'm not going to skip forward and start the next part until I'm finished.  I'm NOT!  (Say it like you mean it!)
I just need to stitch in Athena's spear so that she can give me a sharp poke instead of giving me attitude! 

(It's a bad sign when you imagine your cross-stitch subjects talking to you, isn't it?!)

August 29, 2014

More beading on Japanese Garden

I'm making great progress on Japanese Garden.  I am on target for a finish by my birthday in October.


August 27, 2014

Chinese Garden - Part 6 and 1/2 Part 7

Once again I have been stitching but not posting, I also took timeout to stitch a small piece for my neighbor's 16th birthday.  The letter E from Nora Corbett, it was a fun break, especially as she is an Elizabeth too.

Back the the garden, part 6 is done; the last moon gate and the first corner.  Part 7 is half done but I have to roll up the scroll to finish so you can see what's done and then I'll post the rest probably with Part 8, the final corner and the whole border before the phoenixes.  Yeah!

No changes to the West Moon gate though I think it looks more like some sort of eroded steppes rather than a terraced rice patties.

As for the NW corner I shifted the two highest Algerian eyelets in the bridge up one space to make a better curve.  I thought four eyelets in row looked odd. 

In the NE corner I wish I has separated the dark red thread to one strand in the over one on the koi, the red looks too bulky in comparison to the pink.  I did when I outlined the fins and think you can see more definition.  The other change I made was instead of Rhodes for the lily pads I used Algerian eyelets but alternated sides while stitching so that I didn't get a hole in the middle, I wanted something that reminded me more of lily pads which have the great lines/veins running into the center of each pad.

Lastly I did the inside of the inner border on both corners.  It certainly dresses it up!  Now to stitch the bottom corners.

Please don't kick me off for posting a non-Chatelaine but I just wanted to share with someone! :-)

August 23, 2014

Secret Victorian Garden Progress

I don't think I put more than a few dozen stitches into Secret Victorian Garden last month, but every stitch done is one stitch closer to finished.

Can't see the progress?  I have a hard time seeing it too -it's those blue stitches right above the backstitched motif with the heart.  I am hoping that my stitching mojo will return and I will have more to show next month.

August 11, 2014

Dragonfly Tile

I've been working on Dragonfly Tile this month.  Here is where I was

Here is where I ended up after this rotation

I did get a little more than this done but I forgot to take a picture before I put it away.  I was forced to put some beads on because I ran out of a color.

Thanks for looking

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