December 29, 2011

Paris 1

All this is only part one. Full of small nice details. Another one of Martina's designs I could not resist to start.

Happy stitching


December 26, 2011


Here, I began Herbularius. I wish you a happy new year

December 22, 2011

Mystery XIII

Hi, my name is Sandra. At the beggining of this year I fell in love with Châtelaine Designs. Now I'm stitching MYSTERY XIII on Yellow Drop Laguna fabric 32 ct.

December 12, 2011

Japanese Garden- Corner ornaments finished

I am getting close to finishing the stitching on this one!  I finally finished the corner ornaments.  I was so tired of them by the last one, I didn't even really need the chart anymore!  I am so pleased with how it looks though.

Well I will let the picture speak for itself


December 4, 2011

Queen's farmhouse

When I end my embroidery I always rinse it in the cold water very quickly and I  aired it  on a bath towel before framing.
This time the threads CARON diluted on my fabric.Here is my Queen's farmhouse with its frame. I think you cannot see the bad colours

December 3, 2011

Winterwatergarden finished!

It's done! Now I need my threads to start 'Paris'.

Happy stitching


A bit more Medieval Octagon

I'm not really following this in order of release, so there's a bit of all the parts that have been released so far here! Photobucket
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