May 29, 2011

Spring Fairy, part 2

I finished part 2 of Spring Fairy tonight after about a half hour going crazy because I thought I lost my bead pack.  It was right there with the silks and chart... :/

Blackwork Beauties 01 - Summer...


I graduated from this wonderful series of designs Blackwork Beauties on black. Bright, interesting and very beautiful. 
 And the design-consolation prize for participating in the lottery

Spring Knotgarden Pt. 2

Ta-dah!!!! Part 2's all done. :D Such sweet colors on this one... I'm looking forward to what part 3 will bring, but that won't be till July. :)

May 26, 2011

Hi y'all! Here to share my Chatelaine obsession!

Hello fellow members of the Chatelaine Collective! Thanks to Joyce for the invite as well, since I have so many Chatelaines going at the present (tho' I'm sure I'm not the only one!). I thought I'd share a little bit about myself and invite you all to visit my StitchinKat's Pawprints Blog. I am a married homemaker and mother of one daughter, almost 17 (she's taking finals this week for her junior year of high school). We live in my home state of North Carolina and I have been stitching for over 30 years, only becoming obsessive in the last 15 however. I discovered Martina's designs when a stitching friend was working on one of the early mysteries, and was facinated! I first tried a couple of her freebies, before jumping in feet first in 2005 into the Egyptian Garden. Next I did the Tree of Hope for New Orleans (now a Cotton Sampler). I have a couple of long standing WiPs, Evening in the Park and Holland Landscapes, and started Hummingbirds earlier this year. I have the Winter Watergarden kitted and ready to start, but got totally distracted by the new Chinese Garden Mandala and had to start it as well! Plus I'm doing the Micro set, having stitched the first two and kitted the third. The fourth and last is due out in August. Also own the Misty Meadows kit (the unicorn box) that I'll get to someday, and have a bunch of the freebies waiting as well. Here is my lineup of finished and framed Chatelaines....the pics should be clickable.

Christmas Tree Mandala

Tiny Rose Mandala

Tree of Hope

Egyptian Garden on SW Days Gone By

These are finished but not framed....
Micro 01

Micro 02

And now the WiPs!!

Evening in the Park through Pt. 8
on SW Blue Mystery Opalescent

Holland Landscapes through Pt. 7
on SW Dreamin' (working on this one right now...
filling in the last window!)

Hummingbird Mandala Pt. 1 on blue opalescent

Chinese Garden Mandala Pt. 1 on black belfast

Feel free to ask any questions about these as to fabric, etc. Working on the Holland piece this week and hope to go back to Chinese Garden next month and get caught up. I am rotating these and a couple of other large pieces this year, sprinkled with smalls in between. So far so good!

--Kathy, aka StitchinKat

May 22, 2011

2 Branches done- Japanese Garden

Wow- those branches are stitching up fast. They are fun as well.

close up of the 12 O'clock branch-

Close up of 3'Oclock branch-


St. Pete Part 1-4

The Centre:

The North Gate:

The East Gate:

The West Gate:

The South Gate:

New Mini Mystery 2 Lapis & Malachite

Parts one and two are done.
The picture does not show the colours well.
Basic threads are Gloriana Purple Night Sky and Peacock Blue.

Happy stitching


May 21, 2011

Venice Part 1

First off I would like to put a shout out to Cecilia. She is the one responsible for the start of this design. To me this is the most beautiful design Martina has ever done, also this is the most challenging thing I have EVER stitched! The backstitching was BRUTAL! Martina paid attention to the detail and as you can see the detail is amazing in this design. I am sorry that I am unable to capture the true beauty of this design but I believe it would be impossible. Now I have started Chinese and it is coming along a bit slowly but there is consistent progress and I will post when I get my parts done. I am going to let Joyce work out all the kinks for me......LOL!
I would also like to say that I have so much enjoyed seeing everyone's works here. You have been so inspiriring.
That is my little girl Lucy laying on my lap under there. She is such a sweetheart.

May 19, 2011


Hi there Chatelaine Stitchers!!

I'm Heidi and am usually a Mirabilia/Joan Elliott design lover, but Joyce and Soozie have finally worn me down to dig my needle into one of these gorgeous designs..............or should I say TWO. LOL!! I'm going to start Watergarden as soon as I can get some jobelan in my posession to go with the kit Sooz gifted me (Thank you Soozie!!) and I'll start Autumn Watergarden when DH gets me a kit for my bday! (he's been informed that it's what he's going to get for me, he just has to pay the bill - hahahaha) ;) I'm enjoying looking at everyone's gorgeous pictures and the gallery is awesome! Hopefully I'll have something to share soon too!

the celtic garden


now finished part 3:


May 17, 2011

Spring Fairy

She is done!
I would love to start NMM2..... but still no kit......

Happy stitching


May 15, 2011

I have become a Chatelaine addict

Thank you for letting me join you! I'm Melissa aka lissylaine aka Doodle-head. :) I've finished two Chatelaine designs so far, and have started 3 more (plus I've signed up for the Chinese Dragon Gate in August).

I started out with a small one, Mini Mystery E (Emerald) when I saw how beautiful the progress pictures of Part 1a were. I adore queen stitches, and that the first part of the design had some nice big ones in my favorite color sold me. I also found out how nice it was to stitch them with silk.

I have yet to find the perfect bellpull hanger, though, so it is not yet finished-finished.

A couple of years ago, I saw Annette's (Annette's Acre) first two Waterlily Pond Quilt squares, and once again was in love. It took over a year to get up the courage to start one of the bigger projects, but I finally did. And I decided to make it an actual wallhanging quilt. I've stitched all of the squares and put the quilt top together, and now I need to start quilting it (click for larger view).

Back in March I decided to do another one of her designs that I've admired for a while - Desert Mandala. At the same time, she announced the Autumn Fairy as a companion to the then-soon-ending Spring Fairy. So I decided to start all three. Here is my progress on all of them so far.

Desert Mandala, part 1 progress as of last night

Spring Fairy, part 1 finished

Autumn Fairy, part 1 finished

Thank you for letting me join you - looking at all of your progress and finish pictures has been VERY inspirational!!!!


May 12, 2011

Charbs Part 5

Here is my Part 5, stitched with the European birds.  I will stitch all the rest of the birds on the design exactly as charted giving me 7 different winter birds in total. I will need to miss a few stitches out of the top gate as the black bird is a little big but hopefully it will only be a very few and it will still look ok. I'm very happy with it.

May 10, 2011

A panel finish

I finished up the landscape panel for part seven. I'm not real fond of the color palette (I hate brown and yellow with a passion, lol) but I like the way it turned out. I made a small change in the bsing. Part of the cacti to be bsd are mostly blue, while others are mostly brown. I did the blue cacti in Pond Scum as called for, but I switched to Camouflage for the brown cacti. I like the way it turned out. I'll add a pic of the whole thing to date too.

Winter Watergarden part 5

Finished the last cardinal! 

May 9, 2011

Chinese Garden Parts 1 & 2

To say that I'm totally in love with Chinese Garden would be an understatement of EPIC proportions. ;) I say this so much that I sound like a broken record, but Martina is AMAZING!!!!! How does she come up with piece after glorious piece??? This being the most magnificent of them all!!!! LOL!!! I know, I know, I'm bias. The chrysanthemums alone, is beyond belief, and I haven't even mentioned the rice fields, and the temple and the cute clouds and.....

Parts 1 & 2 finished

Close up of temple

Close up of corner lanterns and chrysanthemums

Close up of pond and rice fields

Tiny Over 1 Birds

I'm currently stitching Winter Watergarden but I'm stitching it with a European winter birds Sampler theme, ie I have subbed the cardinal for all of the other birds from Winter Guests in a Snowy World and I have not rotated the birds around the centre like a mandala, I have stitched them more like a sampler, sounds a bit odd but I think it works.  Will post a pick of the whole thing as soon as I finish up the corners, but couldn't resist sharing these amazing birds Martina has charted for us.  It has made me very happy to stitch them!

May 7, 2011

Rock Gardens Finished

I finished the 9 O'clock rock garden today.  I am so glad to finish the last rock garden. I was getting bored with them.  I can't wait to start the branches.


May 5, 2011

Konstantinople Part 6

I had been stitching! I used my time at home to do the new part of Konstantinople. The buildings have so many small detail and there is no space without backstitching!
The outer pilars I did all with rice-stitches. Martina's new instructions came too late for me. But
with all that detail and the tousands of beads who will notice?

Happy stitching


May 4, 2011

Alpine WIP

Here's my alpine WIP. I just started the flowers wreath around the center, love it :)

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