June 26, 2011

Autumn Fairy, part 2

I finally finished part 2 this weekend!

Just in time for part 3... :)


Hello everyone

I have just finished Part 12 of Baroque Castle and Garden and that means I am halfway there.

Part 13 was released this month so I am not too far behind!

I continue to love stitching this design.  I did make a slight alteration to the long centre border in terms of colour placement in the 'twist'.

The next floral panels are waiting for me.


June 25, 2011

Terri's Chatelaine

I am now back to working on Mystery XII Here is where I left off. I plan on finishing this this year :)

June 20, 2011

Hi from Britain

Hi, everyone who loves Chatelaine!
My name is Svetlana. I live in England.
My love to design Martina has begun not so long ago. I have made beautiful work Love.
Has as of today begun work on design Wisteria Walled Garden, I shall show you a little later.
And I have in plans for this year the beginning of design Rose and Butterfly Quilt.

June 19, 2011

Part 6 of Winter Watergarden

Here's part 6 completed.


June 11, 2011

Romantic rose garden

Hello from France,

I have also stitched the romantic rose garden from Martina Rosenberg. I saw it in the gift of stitching and I like it very much. There are not many roses but it's quite lovely.

Not too big.

June 9, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

I was just invited to join your stitcher's blog..... thank you!! I have been stitching for a looong time..... I enjoy stitching all types of designs, but Chatelaines are my favorites..... I have five finished and framed and several in the works......

right now I'm working on two current designs -- Konstantinople Hamam Mandala and Chinese Garden Mandala..... here is my progress so far.....

Chinese Garden Mandala - first 3 parts

Konstantinople Hamam Mandala - Parts 1 through 6

in a day or so I'll upload my finished designs.....

I've been looking thru the blog and hope that all your wonderful work will spur me on to finish some of my wips.... I'll add those to the blog a little later.....

that'll do it for now..... be well.... hugs, Claire

June 6, 2011

Chinese Part 1

Here it is. Nothing you have not seen before but I just had to show it off anyway. This part was a tad bit fiddly but it sure looks fabulous in real life. I have started Part 2 already and that should not take too long. Thanks for sharing my joy with me!

Japanese Garden- Branches finished

I just finished the branches. I am so very pleased with how they look.


June 5, 2011

New Mini Mystery 2 Lapis & Malachite

The next Mini Mystery is done. Even the small Chatelaines have wonderful details.
I love to look at everyones projects here! So many wonderful pictures! Thank you all for sharing.
It's fountain of inspiration.

Happy stitching


June 4, 2011

Chinese Garden - Pt. 3 finished!!

Oh, this was fun to do!!!! I loved all the specialty stitches... hubby says the effect is amazing and they really look like stone. :D Now, a whole month to go before Pt. 4 is released. :(

North Moongate and Mountain Landscapes

June 1, 2011

Hello from France


I live in France and is addict to the Chatelaine gardens. I don't speak well english but I am very happy to write on your blog. Here is my alpine seasons garden I stitched two years ago.

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