July 28, 2011


Not too far to go now! Then I just need to decide which Chatelaine to start next!

July 24, 2011

Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I finished the first corner ornament........ Well almost, I have a bit of outer border to do.   Anyways here is a picture...........

I do have a question for anyone who has finished this.  Around the lanterns is supposed to be backstitched in black. On the directions it says only on the lines in the chart but I can't tell what to backstitch, Can anyone help?


Spring Knotgarden part 2

I dug this back out a week or so ago and finally finished part 2!

July 18, 2011

Part 8 on Konstantinople!

I love this piece, the intricacy, the colors, mmmmm :)

July 12, 2011

Queen's farmhouse

I stitch again my Queen's farmhouse. I often visit Versailles' castle because I live very near. It's very beautiful!

July 9, 2011

Evening In The Park

I've been working on Evening In The Park again...this piece is very sparkly even before any of the beads go on!


July 8, 2011

Desert Landscapes Mandala, part 1

I've been working quite a bit on my Desert Landscapes Mandala recently, and finally finished part one last night! Even though I've stitched other Chatelaine designs, I am just so amazed at the intricacies of them.  Now I need to get to work on Autumn Fairy - I have the feeling I'm going to fall behind (with so many things going on), as much as I wanted to keep up... I'm sure no one else has had that problem, right? :)


Spring Knotgarden - Part 3

All done (minus beads). :D

July 6, 2011

Part 2 of Chinese Garden

Finished pt. 2 of the Chinese Garden over the holiday weekend! Started pt.3 only to discover there were frogs in one lantern so I have to replace it! Oh well, here it is, frogs and all....even the sparklies are added!


July 4, 2011

Chinese Garden Mandala Pt. 4

Here's a peep through the East moongate to the Great Wall of China. :)

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