December 26, 2014

Mini Mandala 3 update.

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas?

I've been working on Mini Mystery Mandala 3 by Chatelaine and the end is in sight!!!!

I've got the trees to fill in and the other 3 corners to do, then it's the main border and onto beading!!!!

December 24, 2014

Last 2014 check in - Zen Moss Garden

Well I'm still plodding along, continuing to grow if very very slowly....darn that pesky job taking up time :)

December 2, 2014

Embroidered Elegance 4

I stitched the last bead on the Embroidered Elegance 4.  This stitched up very quickly for me.  I started 11/3/14 and finished 12/1/14

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