September 28, 2011


Frosty Knotgarden

September 27, 2011

Japanese Garden is finished!!

I actually finished Japanese Garden on September 10th but didn't get around to uploading the picture from my camera until this morning. I'm down to 7 Chatelaines in progress now. I think I'm going to focus on Hawaiian Garden for awhile, though I'd really like to make some progress on Venice too (which is barely started). I just need more hours in the day!


Baroque Garden

I am getting much closer to being up-to-date with Baroque.  I just finished Part 15 (and Part 16 is the part released for September).  I will have started this month in the same month (provided I get a few stitches of Part 16 done)

Here is an overall picture as of Part 15 - I always love it when I take it off the scroll frame to photograph.

Happy stitching


September 19, 2011

Winter Watergarden

I just realized that I had not uploaded pics of part 9!  More pretty little birds and leaves for the top branches.

 Here's a closeup!

September 18, 2011

Another Japanese Garden

I finally got back to Japanese Garden. I thought I would enjoy it more than I did after nearly a month away. Honestly though I am tired of the Corner Ornaments. Next Chatelaine I do that is not a current group I will do by the quarter as the chart is done not as I did this one.

Anyways I really enjoyed the specialty stitches. This picture is not reflective of where I am, I have started the third corner Ornament. I have the lanterns and the underneath of them done.


September 16, 2011

Japanese again...

A bit more progress. Next up, an over one crane!

September 13, 2011

Queen's farmhouse

I have just finished "le hameau de la Reine" - Queen's farmhouse". It's very lovely. I stitch backstitches with the dmc black. It's lighter

September 11, 2011

Rachel's Chinese Mandala Part 6

Hi Everyone!  I thought I would drop by and share my part 6 with you all.  I loved this part, mainly because I have learned that absolutely loved the Jessica stitch, and part 6 was full of mini Jessicas!

Now I am very anxiously awaiting the release of part 7.  (I wish I didn't have to wait so long, lol, I am very impatient when it comes to things like this, haha!)

Thanks for looking! :D

September 7, 2011

Japanese progress

Yay! Blogger finally let me post!

Here's where I'm at with Japanese Garden. I replaced the teeny Jessicas in the top branch because they were just too much of a PITA, and replaced them with Rhodes stitches instead...

Gardens of paris

Have you seen it yet??? I promise myself I will NOT no I will NOT

at least until I have Chinese done or close to finished...........


September 4, 2011

Chinese Garden Mandala - Pt. 6 Done

Martina surprised us this month with not only the 4th Moongate, but the first season... Spring!! :D I'm so in love with these colors.

West Moongate - Rice Terraces

Spring scene, with cherry or plum blossoms.

Parts 1 through 6

September 3, 2011

Queen's farmhouse

It's long to stitch but very beautiful.

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