December 2, 2012

What have I done

Sometimes you ask yourself, what have I done? Where did the time go?

 Here in the Netherlands we have a tradition called Sinterklaas which is celebrated to around the 5th of december. Kids believe there is coming a holy man from Spain to bring them a lot of presents. So you see the last weeks I had to do a lot of shopping to buy gifts for both my daugthers although my elder daughter is a little bit doubtful about the whole story. Its a bit like Christmas which we also celebrate here in the Netherlands, but less grand than in other countries.

But  between all this shopping and preparing I still occasionally found the time to stitch and I wanted to let you see my progress.

The Mini Mandala Mystery consists of three parts and I know finished two of them. I also have al little progress with the Taj Mahal Garden.

I received almost al the materials for the Evening in the Park and the Hummingbird Mandala. I'm one of those who like to have a lot of WIP in their hands. So I think I will start with at least one of them this week also and maybe with both of them. I will keep you informed.

Here are some pictures.

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

The Taj Mahal Garden
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