December 2, 2012

What have I done

Sometimes you ask yourself, what have I done? Where did the time go?

 Here in the Netherlands we have a tradition called Sinterklaas which is celebrated to around the 5th of december. Kids believe there is coming a holy man from Spain to bring them a lot of presents. So you see the last weeks I had to do a lot of shopping to buy gifts for both my daugthers although my elder daughter is a little bit doubtful about the whole story. Its a bit like Christmas which we also celebrate here in the Netherlands, but less grand than in other countries.

But  between all this shopping and preparing I still occasionally found the time to stitch and I wanted to let you see my progress.

The Mini Mandala Mystery consists of three parts and I know finished two of them. I also have al little progress with the Taj Mahal Garden.

I received almost al the materials for the Evening in the Park and the Hummingbird Mandala. I'm one of those who like to have a lot of WIP in their hands. So I think I will start with at least one of them this week also and maybe with both of them. I will keep you informed.

Here are some pictures.

The Mini Mandala Mystery 03

The Taj Mahal Garden


Stitching Noni said...

Great WIP photos. My goal for 2013 is to stitch the mini's & hopefully start Evening in the Park.

Joze said...

Linda het ziet er allemaal gewelsig uit, mooie detailfoto heb je gemaakt.

Liefs Joze

Melly said...

Merry Christmas!

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