January 20, 2013

Desert Landscapes Mandala, pt 2

After languishing on the shelf for nearly a year, my Desert Landscapes Mandala part 2 is finished!

Now I can finally move on to part 3, whew!  I love this design, but the backstitching of part 2 nearly did me in.  I am amazed by anyone who can wait until the end to do backstitching (or adding beads).  If I didn't do it as I go, I think I'd never finish anything. :)


Unknown said...

It looks amazing! Congrats! I'm only about halfway done with Part 1...Thank you for the inspiration to keep going! :D

Annie said...

This is stunning!

Val said...

That is beautiful ... another one I really fancied, but still have Herbularius ongoing and Sleeping Beauty's castle all kitted up ready to go !

Stitching again, March Ann said...

The Desert is beautiful you are doing a great job. I am working on Herbularius (Herbie) myself so I know how long one of these takes to work on. I am on part 2 and need to bead and backstitch.
Great Stitching on your blog

Karen said...

Beautiful! I just finished Part 2 of this on 1/20, also! Though I have put it away again - I think Part 3 is going to kill me - all that counting! :)

Claire said...

Great finish.

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