June 4, 2011

Chinese Garden - Pt. 3 finished!!

Oh, this was fun to do!!!! I loved all the specialty stitches... hubby says the effect is amazing and they really look like stone. :D Now, a whole month to go before Pt. 4 is released. :(

North Moongate and Mountain Landscapes


Maria said...

So beautiful! The speciality stitches look great! Well done!

mdgtjulie said...

It's beautiful. Grats on the progress!! I love the way it looks so realistic!!

Heidi said...

It's so so cool!!!! Way to go Joyce!! I LOVE the colors!!!

Isabelle said...

Really , really gorgeous, Joyce : I love !!!

ridgeback_rose said...

This mandala is soooooo great!
Your stitching too! Congrats!!!!!

Angie said...

wow. this is gorgeous

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