May 22, 2011

2 Branches done- Japanese Garden

Wow- those branches are stitching up fast. They are fun as well.

close up of the 12 O'clock branch-

Close up of 3'Oclock branch-



Isabelle said...

Hi Sierra,You have done a lovely progress on your Japanese Garden :-))

Rachel said...

Your Japanese Garden looks amazing!! I really swear, every time I see this one, it makes me want it even more!! :) Thank you for enabling! lol :)

Joysze said...

Moving right along, Sierra. Looking good!!!! :D

Soozie said...

All I know is you ladies are going to cost me a lot of money if you keep posting these GORGEOUS wips! Love you fabric choice! It is just an amazing piece of work you got going on there.

Heidi said...

So beautiful!! I love seeing all the projects on different fabrics!

Christine said...

Really beautiful !!!

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