July 18, 2014

Let the beading begin- Japanese Garden

The first two weeks of July I worked on beading Japanese Garden. That was for my open week, then my normal JG week. 
Let me just say, I love beading! What fun. WOW do the beads really make it just POP.  
I am grateful to the chatelaine Facebook groups who helped me get my supplies. I made a tacky bob, which works great. I also got a tip to this bead nabber. Can I just say, best invention ever? I was quite worried about picking the beads up, as my hands shake all the time. I had images of beads everywhere but my handy bead nabber really worked great.  I only lost a few beads and I was able to find them before they got away. 
I have hopes to get this done my my birthday- October 14. I think it's a very realistic goal. I can't believe after over 5 years, I'm nearly there. 
DSCN3235 DSCN3233 DSCN3232 DSCN3231



Brenda A said...

I love this one!! Good idea on the bead napper, when I start beading mine I'll have to check it out!

Isabelle said...

Very beautiful !!

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