July 13, 2014

Slow progress!

Not a lot of progress this month.  I've managed to stitch a little more down the right side of the square... but clearly not concentrating very well because I've stitched the little over-one fish two threads further down than charted. 

 photo IMG_20140713_092556_zps32b6e0fd.jpg

And the four turquoise ...shells?  wheels?  Yup, managed to miscount the other side of the temple and stitched five instead of four.   You'd think with the light evenings I'd be able to make a better job of following a chart :( 

Some serious frogging to do before I go any further.  Hey ho.  Good job I liked this fish. 


Brenda A said...

I'm sorry about your little mistake, but no one will know except you (and me since you told me). :D

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