October 12, 2012

Hello from new member and questions!

Hi!  My name is Kelly, and since I just joined this lovely forum, I wanted to say hello.  I just discovered Chatelaine designs last week, and I'm completely in love... I ordered the Swan Lake pattern as my first, and I'm so excited!

I had a couple of questions as I start out:
-What do you usually use to keep your fabric taut?  33x33" seems too big for stretchers, and I'm concerned that hoops or q-snaps might hurt my stitches if I clamp them.
-Have you found a big difference in silks vs. DMC?  I'm planning to buy the silk threads if they have special variegated colors, but if they are solid colors that have a good matching DMC, is there really a difference?
-I also saw this Chatelaine consolation prize picture posted on this forum, and I'm totally in love with the pattern.  I honestly think it's the most beautiful cross-stitch I've ever seen (even more so than Swan Lake or the big Mandalas), and I'm dying to stitch it.  I know Martina doesn't sell the Consolation Prizes (this was the Easter raffle of 2011), so I'm wondering if anyone can help me get a pattern for it?  I believe we're allowed to sell old Chatelaine patterns if we don't keep the original.  I would so love this pattern!

Thanks very much,


Joysze said...

Welcome, Kelly! :D Looking forward to seeing your Swan Lake start. :)

I use a 36 inch scroll frame for my Chatelaines. We buy the dowels from Home Depot, and my hubby cuts them down to size for me, or puts in screws at the end of them, depending on which stand they go.

There is not much difference between the looks of silks and DMC, IMO. With her newer designs, Martina actually designs with DMC quite often. It's your personal preference which you go with. For me, I always go with Martina's charting. But there are lots of stitchers who substitute silks for DMC and their projects are spectacular. :D

As far as consolation prizes, I'm not clear on how or if they can be resold. Maybe one of the other girls here will be able to help. :D

Isabelle said...

Hello Kelly, welcome to this lovely chatelaine's world.
Like Joyce, I stitch Martina's freat projects on a stand floor with 36" scroll frame. Even if you need many months to finish your project, your fabric will look neat.
For me, as I don't like to stitch with DMC threads, I am used to converting them in silk flosses but it is really a personal taste as Joyce told you.
As far as consolation prize,I'm sorry but I can't help you.
Happy stitching :)

Angie said...

I use qsnaps. I also put scrap fabric between the qsnap and the rope to not crush the stitches. I did my first one in all silks. I like it. I did convert some to a cheaper silk. I think it's a personal preference.

Rahenna said...

Hi Kelly - Martina has just made a new online class of some of the older raffle prizes, including the one in your post! :)

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