August 16, 2011

Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I have two pictures.  First the corner ornament that I finished up-

The next corner ornament that I worked on. I got all the cross stitching done on this one. Next time I will do the specialty stitches.

I will be out of town the next two weeks. Going to my hometown to help pack up my nana and pap's house.


MarchAnn said...

Patches, Your garden looks great, you are moving right along.
I love watching everyones progress.

Lissanne said...

I love your corners! I have had to add Japanese Garden to Chats to do List! It looks like the specialty stitching makes it come to life.

Joysze said...

They look awesome, Sierra. :)

Marie-Christine said...

It's really beautiful

Heidi said...

So pretty!!!! :D

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