February 10, 2011

Hi from Mexico!!

Hello, my name is Yany, and I have been stitching for about 20 years. I want to thank Joyce and Sooz for this wonderful blog! A few years ago, someone tell me about this wonderful designs by Martina, and since then, I'm a fanatic!

I've only finish one big design, Covent's Herbal Garden, changing the center, and adding bicones in the corners.

I also finished a little bag with the Dragonfly freebbie design, the Mystery XII tryout as a box cover, and the center of CHG as a exchange gift:
And of course I have many Chatelaine's works in progress:

My main WIP is White Nights of St Petersburg:Misty Morning Vineyard:
Mystery XII King's Vegetable Garden:
Japanese Octagon Box:Japanese Garden:
Christmas Mystery II:
Taj Mahal:

Sorry for the many pics, but is really nice to share this great addiction :)

Right now, I'm in love with Venice Mandala, I saw some WIP pics, and IT'S AMAZING!!! I'll be waiting Svetlana wonderful progress pics. Perhaps I'll buy this kit next Xmas or so, cause lets face it, I have already a lot to play with...

Hugs from México!!


Rachel said...

Please do not be sorry for sharing your wonderful pictures!!!!! They are all so gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your progress on your WIPs :)

Soozie said...

Oh Yany! I too am head over heals in love with Venice! I just received the kit in the mail too! I am currently stuck in some serious overtime at work but have BIG plans for stitching this one, this year along with the Chinese Garden. Also thank you so much for sharing all your lovely pictures! I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Joysze said...

Yang, there is no reason to be sorry. In fact, we should say "thank you" to you for posting all your gorgeous pictures and sharing them with us. :D

ridgeback_rose said...

Hi Yani,

great to see you and your wonderful stitching here!

Big hug from Germany


Isabelle said...

So gorgeous projects Yani and it is just wonderful to can look at them again : it is always a great pleasure!
Have a nice week-end,
Isabelle from France

heather said...

Love seeing all your projects. Thanks for sharing them with us! :) said...

Beautiful work Yani, I love them all!

Stitching Sweetie said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pics!

Frances W. said...

Yany.... You did s beautiful job with all your stitching... I'm stitching the Convents herbal garden now, just started. Your pictures are a big help.
Love everything you have done so far.... Don't worry that you posted too many pictures .... We love them all....

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