February 27, 2011

Hello! And some previous finishes

Joyce invited me already a while ago to this blog and asked me to show my Chatelaine finishes and wips. I've been just so tired lately (had a flu, which passed quite quickly but left me so tired) that I haven't had the energy to update my own blog or to post here. But now I'm feeling a bit more energetic, and scraped together my so far Chatelaine finishes (I'll make another post about the wips).

My very first Chatelaine finish was Mini Mystery E, nowadays known as Emerald, followed by the rest of the series. I have stitched Emerald and Amethyst twice (the whole story is in my blog), and have Ruby and Sapphire as wips for the second time.

Between the Mini Mysteries, I finished Mystery VII, Autumn Dusk. I gave it to my mother, and later stitched her also Winter's Eve from the same series.

My first big Chatelaine finish, and the design that lured me to Chatelaines, was Alpine Seasons.

The next finish was Medieval Town Mandala.

Le Potager du Roi (King's Vegetable Garden)

Secret Victorian Garden

Two Christmas designs, Christmas mysteries II and V:

And couple of freebies (I'll add a picture of the second one later, for some reason I don't have a photo of Springtime Roses...)
Easter Bunny 2010:


wendy111 said...

Such a beautiful collection, thanks for sharing your finishes

Isabelle said...

Hello Katri, I am really impressed by your wonderful Chatelaine's collection: such gorgeous finishes . A great thank you for sharing them with us :-)
Have a nice Sunday,

ridgeback_rose said...

Your finishes are wonderful! love to see your pictures!

Joysze said...

Hey Katri!! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better from that nasty flu.

You have so many gorgeous finishes!! And your sure have lucky aunts. :D

Looking forward to seeing your WIP post.

Yany said...

Katri, your finishes are gorgeous!! congratulations!! thanks for sharing with us. Hope you feel better soon.

MysteryKnitter said...

I hope you feel better soon, Katri. That jewel stitching is awesome!

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