March 22, 2011

More WIP pictures

I've been steadily working on Japanese Garden and I'm making great progress but I haven't taken a new picture yet. I am hoping to do so soon, but in the meantime here are some more of my older Chatelaine WIPs.

Waterlilly Pond (started when it was Mystery Quilt 1) parts 1-4 done, and part 5 in progress:






I also started Mermaid Treasure Box when the group was new...haven't gotten very far yet:


And, finally, I have Hawaiian Garden in progress (not nearly as "old" as the others I just posted!):


In terms of newer starts, I have Venice and Medieval Town in progress, but I haven't even finished part 1 of either of those. Here is my very paltry progress on those so far; there is so little completed on either project that it seems silly to have taken pictures already:



These projects, and Japanese Garden, round out all of my Chatelaine WIPs (including Taj and MMV that I posted previously). Hopefully I will get a new picture of Japanese Garden soon and continue to make some progress on the others eventually!


Yany said...

I love your Wips Jill!!

(Thank you for make me(and my wips!) feel not alone!!! LOL so many beautiful projects, so little time...)

Joysze said...

Gorgeous pics, Jill! Man, you must have a tough time trying to decide which one to stitch. :D I don't think it's silly to take pics of early progress at all!! It's exciting for us to see and I hope it's exciting for you to share it with us. :)

Isabelle said...

I like very much your pics Jill : great stitchings :-))

Katri said...

What a great collection of wips!

wendy111 said...

Thanks for showing your collection, it is always good to know that other have a collection of WIP's! They look lovely. Happy stitching

Angie said...

I love Hawaiian. The colors are just stunning.

ridgeback_rose said...

Oh, great pieces! I love all your WIP'S, Gill!

Soozie said...

What a joy to look at your work. Lovely........oh so LOVELY.

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