March 8, 2011

Some of my Chatelaine WIPs

I haven't been stitching as much lately as I would like; life just has a way of getting busy this time of year for me! I do have some older Chatelaine WIP pics that I hadn't posted yet so that I'd have something to share during my "lean" stitching time. Since frequent stitching will continue to elude me for awhile, I will spread these posts out too so that I'm still "around" sometimes!

I'll start with two of my oldest Chatelaine WIPs: Misty Morning Vineyard which I started when it was still a mystery:


Another of my older WIPs is Taj Mahal Garden, started when it was still an online class:


I'll add a couple more next time! I have 8 in progress, so saving them until later will give me a little more to write about in the next couple months. Hopefully by then we'll be done with little league season and the other things that make life so busy for me between now and June!


Joysze said...

Hey Jill. :) Great WIPs, both. I've only now noticed the roses and flowers in Misty. They're so sweet!!

As I'm currently stitching Taj, it's awesome to see yours. This sure is a fun one to do. I hope you get back to it soon. :D

Looking forward to seeing your next WIP post.

Isabelle said...

Hi Jill, both are great projects and what a great idea to decide working on them again : please, keep up stitching them :-))

Unknown said...

Jill, these are great projects. Taj is one of those ones that grows even more lovely as it grows. Misty is very pretty too. I can't wait to see the other WIPs you have.

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