March 6, 2011

Some CHAT updates

I've been stitching away on Cuba all weekend and I really hope to finish it this month!
Also I've started Part 4 of Konstantinople, beautiful and extremely intricate. If you click on the picture you can see the beautiful new stitches Martina has invented : the "stone stitch".


Isabelle said...

Ana, many congrats on your different progresses : your Cuba Mandala is just fantastic : more I see it and lore I like it :-))
Your Konstantinople update is very nice as well ;

Maria said...

Hello Ana, Cuba is coming along very beautifully!

The detail on Konstantinople is amazing! Love how the new stitches look! Keep stitching!

Joysze said...

WOOOOOHOOOO, Ana!! I can't wait to HD with you on Cuba. :D

I love the colors in Konstant. The blues are so glorious and I love how the pinks pop in there.

Dianne said...

This month's Hamam part is very large. Love the colors in it.
Well done on yours.

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