March 3, 2011

Starting Alpine!!

I just started Alpine last night, and you can see now, the "spirit" of the little house LOL.

I'm using a Silkweaver's Solo, Lugana 28ct opal, with my DMC conversion (still working on it)

After stitching on St Pete, with Belfast, I feel the crosses here so big!!! LOL

Hugs and kisses!!


heather said...

Love your fabric choice. Looking forward to seeing your Alpine garden grow. :)

Joysze said...

Great start, Yany!! The little house looks fabulous on that fabbie. :D

Rachel said...

It looks great!! This is one of my favorites.

Isabelle said...

Hola Yani, felicidades y qué fabuloso !! ya has empezado tu Alpine Seasons !! qué bonito !! y me gusta tanto todos los hilos de seda que nos muestas : es un placer para los ojos .....estoy loca con las sedas!!tengo algunas preguntas para ti : dime Yana como se llaman las sedas que empleas y puedes bordarlas con un solo hilo ...cubren bien tu tela ??
Un abrazo y besos,

Katri said...

Great start! I'll be following your progress with great interest, Alpine is my all time favourite Chatelaine (though I do like all of them :-), and my first big Chatelaine finish.

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