March 5, 2011

Taj Mahal - Top Paisleys Added!

With my Terrace Arch obligation piece finished, I'm back on stitching Taj. Over the last few nights, I've added the bigger trees, borders, and top left and right paisleys to the sides of the North Taj Mahal. The plan is to see how much of the flower border I can get done over the weekend.


Maria said...

Very beautiful!

Katri said...

So lovely, thanks for sharing! I have Taj as a wip, and would really really like to finish it. That would require stitching it instead of other wips, though... ;-)

Isabelle said...

Your progress is just beautiful , Joyce, I love these sweet colors :-)

ana~stitch said...

You're cookin right along Joyce! I bet your next update it'll be almost done!!!

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