March 11, 2011

New Mini Mystery 1 finished

My first finish of 2011. I like the 'mini mysteries and hope Martina will design some more of them!

Happy stitching



ArabicaMix said...

Margit, it is very, very nice!

Isabelle said...

Margit, your MM1 is really nice and mnay congrats to you on your finish??
Are you going to frame it or make a bell pull with it ??

wendy111 said...

Congratulations Margit, it looks gorgeous. I love all the special stitches and the colours.


ana~stitch said...

Really pretty Margit! I love the detail in the special stitches :)

ridgeback_rose said...

Thank you girls!
I think I will give it a frame somewhen. I would love a second one of these with some blue to put them left and right from my St.Pete....

Joysze said...

Margit, this is stunning!! Thank you for the close up of the center medallion. :D Love, love, love it!!!

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