February 23, 2014

Introduction - Brenda @ xStitchHaven

Hello everyone! I go by Brenda on the internet and I am 27 years old from Pennsylvania (USA). I am quite new to blogging. I started a tumblr (xStitchHaven) and have tied that to my blogspot account (BlogSpot), so please forgive me when some of my posts transfer to blogspot all jumbled, I try to catch them as they post!

When I heard about the Chatelaine challenge I knew I was going to have to sign up. I have never completed one, but I have started the Mini Mandala 6 (Moonstone garden) last year. I love working on it, but I think I have the attention span of a gold fish sometimes and flutter along from project to project. Sometimes seeing them to the end, sometimes not.

Here are my current progress pictures of mini mandala 6 (and since this is a mini I can't even imagination how large a full sized one is!)

I am slightly further along than this last picture shows, but I've moved on to 8 million other projects. I am hoping that seeing everyone's lovely progress that it motivates me to continue with mine. It's being done in all of the recommended threads and fabric. I believe it's in an 11 by 11inch Q-snap in the picture (but it could have been my 14 inch set) for scale.

As a side note, this is my second cross stitch related challenge this year. I also joined Epic Stitching's Stitch from Stash challenge (only spend $25 in one month on stash) so I'm slightly afraid that this group will add so many projects to my wish list. I will try to stay strong (and my wallet my hurt in January 2015!)

Looking forward to all the updates everyone!

~Brenda @ xStitchHaven


Terri said...

Very pretty!

bells said...

Lovely progress Brenda!

Joysze said...

Hi Brenda! Ooooh, I remember this! Loved stitching it. I'm going to love seeing your progress on it.... stitch, girl.... ermm.... goldfish.... STITCH!!! LOL!

Stitching Noni said...

Goldfish! Love it.... we are going to have to keep your focus on the Chatelaines :o)
This design is so pretty - I can't wait to see more of it very soon!! :o)
Hugs x

Melissa said...

Great progress!

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