February 27, 2014

Another Introduction

Hi, all! I am Karen R in GA - a Buckeye (native of Ohio) transplanted to the wilds of north Georgia (not quite a 'burb of Atlanta). I have been stitching since the late 80s, when I got hooked on TW designs while in the USAF - her The Unicorn was one of the first pieces I completed, so learning black fabric & blends right off the bat kind of set the bar for my future stitching endeavors :)

I have completed 4 Chatelaines to date, including my all-time favorite project, Medieval Town Mandala:
The same year I finished MTM, I also finished Knotgarden, which is the first one I started, and really, the one that drew me in to these wonderful designs way back when. I have also finished MMM03, the small companion to Medieval Town:
And my 4th finish was Martina's Christmas mandala freebie, which I then made into a flat fold:

I currently have 15 WIPs; only 4 of them are Chatelaines, though (though I could seriously up that to 7 with almost zero effort). I just recently finished Part 5 of Tuscany Town Mandala (my Flickr album dedicated to TTM is here). I am through Part 5 on Secret Victorian Garden, too (album here), and Part 2 on Desert Mandala (album here). My 4th Chat WIP is Beaded Dragonfly Tile, which is on my list to FINISH this year; I am currently working on L*K Halloween Rules, getting it done, so I think Dragonfly will come out right after that. This is where it was when it last saw daylight (last year):
Kitted & waiting, I have Sparkly Hummingbird Garden and Deep Blue Sea, both 100% ready to go. I have one of the mini mandalas mostly ready to go, too. And then, of course, I have several other charts in need of kitting, including Watergarden (since Sarah just finished hers, mine is now whimpering louder from its drawer) and Convent's Herbal Garden. Needless to say, I foresee me being busy for years to come; if only that having to work for a living didn't cut into my stitching time!


Angie said...

love the flatfold. Although I have a few chatelaine patterns. I only kit one at a time. If i started more than one, i'd never get any of them finished.

Stitching Noni said...

Oh my goodness, I am amazed at all those beautiful WIPs you have on the go - looking forward to seeing your progress on them :)
Love the Christmas flat fold and MTM is just gorgeous - stunning!!

Lonneke said...

Wow, I'm impressed with all those beautiful WIP's and finishes.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Isabelle said...

Wow !!! these finishes are just gorgeous !! Congratulations to you:)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous finishes, Karen.

I have Hummie waiting on the wings too.... it's scheduled for next year... I think. LOL!

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