February 2, 2014

February's here already??

I haven't posted my Chatelaine updates here as often as I should so I'm here, now to correct that.  

Last year after I finished Deep Blue Sea and Summer Knotgarden, I pulled out Watergarden which, at the time, was my only remaining Chatelaine WIP.

Here's where it was when I pulled it out in early August.  The center was complete, but I had just moved to the border and the gates.

early September

and early November when I put it away for a bit.

I pulled it back out this weekend and have made a little progress around the bottom left corner.  

I did have a new Chatelaine start  in November as well.  I've had the Rose Garden Mandala kitted up and ready to go since it was released in the Gift of Stitching Magazine.  I finally decided it was time to start it.

This is how it currently looks.

Now, back to the Super Bowl and Watergarden.



Kate said...

They are both so incredible! well done!

Isabelle said...

Both are just nice !

Joysze said...

Sarah, they both look amazing!! Knotgarden is going to be done in no time! :D

Stitching Noni said...

They both look gorgeous! Well done on getting Knotgarden out again and I love your new start! Looking forward to seeing your next update :o)

bells said...


Susan said...

Beautiful. You have made amazing progress on Watergarden. I need to pull my Gift of Stitchings out and see if I can kit up the Rose Garden.

Denise SA said...

Beautiful well done

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