October 19, 2017

New to Chatelaine blog site!

First ever Chatelaine - Evening in the park

Hello all,

I am so pleased to have found your site and am inspired by all your lovely work - so much so, that I decided I would give one a go (very scary as never done specialty stitches before).

I have to admit I have totally fell in love with it - So wanted to share my progress with you all.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is gorgeous! I love the close-up photos, you can really see all the details.

Teresa Little Stitcher said...

Thank you so much! The detail in this piece is amazing. I love stitching it. (at least so far) lol!

Elizabeth Clark said...

Welcome and thank you for sharing. I need some inspiration to get back into my own stitching!

Darlene Sears said...

absolutely beautiful!!! I have just started this design and will post my progress soon. Thank you for sharing your work and encouraging me to get going on mine.

piseth san said...

Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

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