May 1, 2014


Hi everybody! My name is Anne Herdman and I live in Chattanooga, TN.  It's me, the hubs, our whippet dog Charlie, and two grumpy cats :-)  I've been stitching for around 17 years (since late teens), and I've done all kinds of projects, big and small. To date, my most complicated finish has been Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry. That was also my first ever stitch, as I was too naive to know how difficult that would even be!!

 I've been lurking in the background, drooling over these beautiful Châtelaine designs for a few months now, and I'm proud to report (thanks to the encouragement of Joyce!) that I've finally jumped in head-first with Victorian Garden, and I'm loving it! I'm using all of the recommended fabric and silks from ECS. First time ever to use linen or silk - not sure of why I was so intimidated, using these materials is just divine!
Here's my progress so far:


her87monte said...

Hi Anne.... you've made a great start!! keep us posted....

take care, Claire

Isabelle said...

Welome to you Anne !!
Your start is beautiful : please keep up posted :)
Have a nice day,

Susan said...

Beautiful start! I am working on this one also. Isn't stitching with silks an amazing experience? I have a very hard time switching back to other projects after working on a piece with silks.

TheUnluckyPath said...

I had no idea of what I was missing before those silks!!

Karen said...

Beautiful start on SVG - I have this as a WIP, too! And well done you learning on Peacock Tapestry! One of my very first pieces was TW's Unicorn, so you & I both kind of jumped in at the deep end from the beginning :)

Angie said...

welcome and great start

Stitching Noni said...

Great start! Looking forward to seeing SVG grow :o)
Good to hear that you are enjoying working on the linen and stitching with those gorgeous threads! :o)

Brenda A said...

OH yay! This is going to look fantastic! I love TW's designs as well. I've wanted to the her peacock tapestry, but with like 8 million other projects to do.... :D

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