May 25, 2014

Greek Mandala May update

I've not managed nearly as much this month as I would have liked.  Hopefully June will be better. 

Greek Mandala 140525 photo IMG_20140525_104333_zps559c5b94.jpg
This is number 5 out of 8 goddesses of wisdom finished. 

Greek Mandala 140525 Athena no5 photo IMG_20140525_104345_zps7bd87dd6.jpg
Now I actually think Martina's sorted all the "wise" needed for this design, but I wouldn't mind if someone could introduce me to the goddess who protects us from frogs....?


Thutmosis said...

Very pretty!

Susan said...

Beautiful. There is a lot of backstitching in that goddess - not one of my favorite stitches but it does amazing things for the piece.

Meari said...

Looks great!

Karen said...

LOVE this Greek Mandala! The Parthenon & that middle just blow me away every time I see them! Beautiful work!

LUNA said...


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