June 18, 2014

Chinese Garden - Parts 4&5 done

Greetings All,

I have been stitching but not posting.  The East and South moon gates went quickly as well and I am now working on the West moon gate.  Part 6 should take a little longer as it also includes the first corner vignette as well as starting the inside border.  And now pictures, same progression as usual.

I'm not a fan of the blue in the hills around the Great Wall.  On the left side it seems like the shade of blue is just off, it should be smokier or more green gray and on the right side of the wall I can't decide if it is the sky, then the back stitching shouldn't be continuing past the last tower into the sky or it is more of the hazy distance and then again it is too blue.  Then again maybe they are snow dusted hills on the right.  I probably won't rip it out but it is tempting.  I'll watch it a little longer as I fill in around it, especially the left blue patch.

 Fortunately the canyon view hasn't caused me any angst.  Except maybe the yellow gold back stitching in the water at the bottom . . .


her87monte said...

looking great, Elizabeth.... I really enjoyed stitching this design.... when you're finished it will blow you away and you'll love the color combinations.... keep us posted.....

hugs, Claire

Shebafudge said...

I think it looks absolutely stunning and love the blue.

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