June 10, 2014

Beaded Dragonfly Tile Update

I have finally gotten Beaded Dragonfly Tile out again; I was waiting for summer to get here, so I have actual daylight to work the black fabric with. When I signed up for this and got going on it as soon as my supplies all arrived, I got the middle darn close to done by the middle of April, 2013:
Beaded Dragonfly Tile as of 4/16/13 - fibers & beads as charted, on 28ct black jobelan

And then I didn't touch it again all last year, because I got into a serious FINISH IT mode, and worked on other things, as well as spending time on my bigger Chats. But finally, after taking a sampler break after finishing the massive part 3 of Desert, I decided it was time to get the Dragonfly back out last Thursday, and worked on getting the inner border in, so I KNOW it's in the right place, before I go add the other 2 dragonfly outlines. Here is where it was as of Sunday night (I got the right side inner border beaded last night):
As of 6/8/14
And a bead detail:

I am keeping this out for the time being - this is on my To Finish list for this year, so hopefully I'll meet my goal; so many things are hollering at me, it's kind of hard to concentrate :)

And just a question for everyone: as you are going along, do any of you constantly wonder if you are going to have enough beads? I keep putting more out on my Tacky BOB, and I keep going through them, and I'm not even half done, and until I get the very last one on, I keep worrying over having enough! LOL 


Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Gorgeous stitching Karen, love this one! As for beads, I always buy the bead pack from Cindy at ECC and she always gives you way more beads than you need - I had plenty left over after finishing Dragonfly Tile and that's after loosing a few down the side of the sofa :)

Susan said...

Beautiful. It looks amazing on the black. I also worry about not having enough beads but, as of yet, I haven't ever run out (and I drop a lot of them!)

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, looks amazing :)
Hugs x

Zurainny Ismail said...

Exquisite! Isn't it difficult - sorting through all the tiny beads?

Karen said...

Zurinny, I have a good system for my beads, on my home-made Tacky BOB (it's bigger then the name-brand ones). I have each symbol written on the lid to the tube, and the lids are stuck to the tacky bob, with their corresponding beads next to them - so I have a small amount of all of them right there together:

Of course, some do tend to roll around and get mixed in with the others, but they are easy enough to pick out (usually).

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