April 10, 2014

Cattleya Orchid is popular!

Hi, I'm Rahenna and I'm finally posting as part of the challenge. :)  I have a few Chatelaine WIPs at the moment - oh wait, it's just two since I just finished one!

My finish is of the currently popular Cattleya Orchid. :)  My other WIPs are Spring Knotgarden and Sparkling Dragonfly Tile, and my only other Chat finish so far is Octopus Treasure Cave.

Here's my orchid!  This was a tough stitch for me because I was dealing with a lot of stress... my cat has been back and forth at the emergency vet for the last two months and his problems started right around the time I started stitching Orchid.  This poor thing has all my frustration, worry, and anger stitched into it.  Honestly, before I started beading, I seriously considered just tossing it because of all the trouble it had given me.

It turned out pretty nice in the end so I'm glad I didn't. :p

This is stitched on PTP Aerial Belfast with all the silk threads converted to stuff I had in my stash.  I mean, I used the recommended threads if I had them, of course, but I subbed a few. :)

There are some mistakes that I didn't correct but if you don't know... you don't see them. ;)

Next time I'll post pictures of my WIPs!  Just so happy (and relieved) to have this one finished!


Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous finish :o)
I hope your kitty is ok... it was probably good that you something like this to work on while you were going through such a stressful time!
Hugs x

too_busy_to_stitch said...


Susan said...

Beautiful finish. I'm glad you didn't toss it also. Hope your cat is one the mend, we just went through a much shorter illness with one of ours and it sure does pull your mind of fun things.

Meari said...

Beautiful colors!

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