March 3, 2014

Yet another Introduction!

Hi Everyone!

Loads of Intros!

I'm Jacqui! I'm from Scotland and I will be taking part in the SBCC! I've collected many a Chatelaine but always been a little scared by them. I have started a couple but never finished one!

So my plan is to start a mini, in this case Mini Mystery 3. I have all the materials and fabric!

Fabric is from Jodyri (a new find for me) and is Green Eyed Monster. Can't wait to get started and when I eventually finish I have this pretty package to open!

Thanks for looking! Jx


Angie said...

What a great idea with doing a small first.

I get nervous too. It's partly why my Japanese Garden has taken nearly 5 years. I just concentrate on one part at a time.

Unknown said...

Welcome, Jacqui! Looking forward to your WIPs. :D

Karen said...

Enjoy your first Chatelaine - they ARE addictive :) I look forward to seeing your WIP photos!

Stitching Noni said...

Looking forward to seeing your start!
I know how you feel about starting a large Chatelaine... I have to waiting to start that I keep putting off while I stitch the little ones! :o)
Hugs x

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