March 23, 2014

Secret Victorian Garden

I started this back in January of 2007 when this was the big mystery of the year.  I kept up with it until July or so and then moved.  It was pulled out every so often but has been relegated to the WIP box for more than a year.  As it is so close to finished, I decided, with a little persuasion, that it should go in this year's rotation, so this month Serengeti was put away and Secret Victorian Garden stepped in.  It has now finished its week in the rotation and I am really pleased with my progress.

Here is where it was when I pulled it out:

And here is where it is today:

And while a bit blurry, this is my favorite part of this piece:

Just love that blackwork bit.


bells said...

Beautiful work!

z3mom said...

Love it! I'm working on the 3rd house myself

Kate said...

so stunning! I never saw close ups of this one before, it's very gorgeous!

Stitching Noni said...

Great progress! Love the blackwork corner. This is such a beautiful design... it is very fast becoming a must stitch for me!

TheUnluckyPath said...

Looks great! Just started this one myself last week, my first Chatelaine :-)

I'm actually trying to figure out how to post on here? How do you create a post? Can't figure out this group blog thing. I'm an approved member, signed in and all, but I seem to only be able to read things. My username is littleorphan01.

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