February 18, 2017

Serendipitous Jo's Gardens of London

Hello Chatelaine Stitchers, Joyzse added me to this blog a while ago in an attempt to get me to choose and start my first Chatelaine.   I made my choice when Gardens of London was first released and 2016 saw me take the second step of actually purchasing the chart!

Then the difficult task of choosing the fabric.  With the help of Dawn from Crafty Kitten I decided on Cotton Clouds in a 32count Belfast linen.  The true colour is a pale blue although it looks more grey-blue in some of the photos.
A very small start!

A little bit more: 

Circle meeting up: 

Adding more shades of blue: 

Where I am at the start of today:

My rotation consists of a number of SALs and then one focus piece for the rest of the month.  So I will stitch as much as I can this month and put it aside for a piece with a deadline next month.

If you are interested in following my main blog and maybe joining one of my SALs or Blog Hops then you can find me here:


Elizabeth Clark said...

Welcome! Can't wait to watch your progress, maybe it will help me pick my garden back up and finish it already!

Heather said...


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