October 27, 2015

Chinese Garden - Part 8

Hello all,

I know it's been a long time, even longer than I realized when I looked back for my last post. August of last year!  My excuses are as follows; since posting I've been through two harvests which mean no stitching for about 6-8 weeks, we sold a house (basically completely remodeled so no work to come home to,) bought a house, (that needs a great deal of work, roof, siding, updating . . .) and that is what has occupied me for the last year.  I did get a (very) little stitching done but never posted.  That would have taken far to much time.  To catch you all up I did finish the bottom two vignettes and completed the inner border all the way around.  Last night I started the outer blue border that means I'm almost to the phoenixes!  I'm looking forward to starting them, I think they were the main reason I bought the pattern.  So without further ado a few pics.  I am thinking about going back and doing a little back stitching around the fall tree, I would like the boughs to be a bit better defined.  Thoughts?

 'Till next time, hope it will be much sooner.  E


Heather said...

It looks great! I would do the back stitching it'll bring it out so much more

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching! I think some backstitch would help make them pop.

Emma/Itzy said...


Stitching Noni said...

I think you could probably do a touch more b/stitching - but having said that it is stunning just the way it is :o)
Hugs xx

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