June 7, 2013

Mini Finishes

Hi everyone

Just thought I would drop in and show you my latest Chatelaine finish... Mini Mandala II "A".

I started this at the beginning of April 2013 and finished it mid May 2013. It really was a quick stitch and so enjoyable to stitch.

The colours that appeared while I was stitching this design are so gorgeous...  so much prettier than the photo on the chart pack!  Unless of course I have stitched it with the wrong colours!

Mini Mandala II
Finished May 2013
This design was the first time I had stitched a "Jessica" stitch... and it took me a wee while to get them done... even now I am not sure if they're right....

I haven't as yet started the second one in the series but I am hoping to start the next one very soon.

Mini Mandala II is my second Chatelaine finish.  I thought that I had already shown you my first finish but it appears that maybe I didn't...

My first ever Chatelaine finish was the Tiny Rose Garden Freebie in May 2012.

Tiny Rose Garden
Finished May 2012
I love looking at all the wonderful designs that you are all stitching and I am hoping very soon to tackle one of the larger designs.  I love the designs that Martina creates and reading all about your progress via this blog is wonderful.


~Narita said...

oh wow, I especially love the first one! So lovely and you did an excellent job with those Jessica stitches.
I did not like Jessica's for the longest time. Now I'm pretty good at them.
I did quite a few Chatelaines with quite a few Jessicas 'til my friend told me about the directions on them, that its hard to see, but the last 3 arms of the Jessica's should carefully be slipped UNDER those existing threads, rather than on top. Therefore giving more of a rounded appearance, instead of the lines going across at the bottom.
I know ignorance can be bliss (oh do I!) but maybe try your next Jessica going under those last threads, you may like the look even better. I do on mine. :)

Susan said...

Very, very pretty finishes.

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