February 3, 2012


Not new to Chatelaines, I discovered them in 2004, but new to this blog.  Thank you to Joyce for hosting.  As I said, I discovered Chatelaines back in 2004 and it was addiction love at first sight.  My first purchase was the then Mystery VIII which is now Evening in the Park and I haven't looked back and I haven't even started finished Evening in the Park either.  I do have some finishes though, two large mandalas:

Caribbean Mandala
Stitched on Wichelt's African Daisy with recommended threads and beads.
Egyptian Mandala
Stitched on Light Sand Belfast with recommended fiber and beads
One sampler:

Sampler Mystery IV
Stitched on Black Belfast with recommended fibers and beads
Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas as kitted by European Cross Stitch
Lots of smalls:

These are all stitched on Silkweaver's fabrics, I don't remember the names, with the recommended fibers and beads.

Mini Mandala Mystery I

Mini Mandala Mystery II

Mini Mandala Mystery III

Mini Mandala Mystery IV

Mini Mandala Mystery V

Mini Mandala Mystery VI
Rather than making this a crazy long post, if you'd like to see photos of my ridiculously huge number of  WIPs,  I have a page on my blog at

I am looking forward to seeing every one's progress on their Chatelaines and hopefully not being too tempted by all the amazing stitching!!


ana~stitch said...

Gorgeous stitching!!

Angie said...

They are all gorgeous

Taliya said...

You works are very beautiful!!!

Meari said...

They are all very beautiful!

Brenda A said...

Wow!! You've done so many! I'm doing the Mini Mandala Mystery VI so I loved that one the most!

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