April 21, 2011


Hello Everybody!

My name is Marleen and I live in Belgium. I'm married, we have three boys; Andres, Brian and Jens and 3 cats; Melle (European chort hair), Stitch and Luna (sacred birmans)

I stitch about 13 years and I started 2 chatelaines a few years ago... but now they are ufo's...and I will get thim to W.I.P.'s again, so I wanted to be a part of this blog for it....

thanks for letting me in!


I' ll post soon a few photo's


Joysze said...

Hi Marleen. Welcome!! :D I can't wait to see pics of your UFO's turn WIP's.

Soozie said...

Welcome Marleen! I have now seen those wips and I must say oooh la la!

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